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Standards Compliance

ActionWorks Standards Coordinator

Modern standards—and governance requirements—focus more and more on the processes behind achieving compliance. Not only must you deliver the product or service to specification, but you have to show suppliers, customers, management, and even government how you attain—and maintain— standards. Failure to comply with these process-based standards can disqualify you from business opportunities, delay production, add cost, generate customer dissatisfaction, pummel revenues, and negate time-to-market advantage. Failing to meet government standards can mean penalties as harsh as prison terms. Only ActionWorks Standards Coordinator can coordinate the complex web of negotiations, interactions, commitments, and data coordination associated with standards compliance.

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Events of the past few years have shown that documenting, distributing, training on, and reviewing process-based standards does not ensure compliance. The ongoing need to maintain continuous auditability and visibility, process metrics, third party and subcontractor engagement, and linkages from customer satisfaction back to the commitments that you make, or that a supplier makes to you, requires a way to make your standards come alive. Only ActionWorks Standards Coordinator provides all of the capabilities you need to insure ongoing compliance with newer and existing standards such as:

ISO 16949-2002 ISO 9001
QS 9000 ISO 14001
Meeting these kinds of standards—and proving that you have done so—demands superb process management. ActionWorks Standards Coordinator, based on our ActionWorks Business Interaction Model, provides a unique, closed loop management capability to ensure that the participants in a process are always defined, that they negotiate the terms of performance to achieve a condition of satisfaction, and that only the “customer” is ultimately able to determine if they are satisfied.

How Does ActionWorks Standards Coordinator Make a Difference?
See a Demo!

With ActionWorks Standards Coordinator, standards can now become “actionable,” “executable,” and “auditable.” What does that mean? Other products might allow you to tie a standards document to a description of what should happen. Or they might enable you to create a process map of what should happen. The crucial piece that only ActionWorks Standards Coordinator uniquely gives you is the tool to ensure that what should happen actually happens on a day-to-day basis. The tool is defined by customer satisfaction. In fact, only the customer of the process (whether internal or external), can define how he or she will be satisfied, and when that condition is reached. The metrics derived from this always-running engine help you insure daily continuous improvement. See the demo for more insight into the power of this approach to standards compliance.

ActionWorks Standards Coordinator provides:

  • Process tracking and linkage back to the particular standard section
  • Ties together structured processes (such as custom quote responses, field failure tracking, product change management), with unstructured (ad hoc) processes
  • Real time process metrics to view customer satisfaction, time and cost process performance, standard deviation (to support Six Sigma activities), process deviations
  • Intuitive browser-based interface for creation of new standards from scratch, or utilizing templates of existing standards
  • Linkages between strategic commitments made by executives in support of customer requirements, to the agreements and activities made by support personnel to achieve those commitments
  • Document management, including version control, access control, check in and check out
  • Tracking of commitments based on planned and actual dates, volumes or any other metric, with alerts if the commitment falls behind
  • Customer satisfaction surveys for real time, qualitative feedback
  • Linkages to external subcontractors or labs, such that their process activities can be tracked and managed as part of a larger process or standard subsection
  • Clarity on who are the responsible parties and visibility on status at any time in the process
  • Notification by email or the process dashboard when processes are late, or more importantly, coming due
  • Definition and organization of the resources for each process; creation of responsible offices (ie., accounting)
  • Cost tracking and reporting
  • Management of contractual or legal commitments fully linked into the corresponding process
  • “Trigger” processes related to various contract provisions (i.e., subcontractor status must be reviewed and approved quarterly)
  • Mapping of structured processes, and easy creation of a corresponding web-based application
  • Creation and deployment of pre-defined approval processes to managed concurrent or sequential approvals; insertion of approvals on the fly
  • Creation and insertion of new process subsections on the fly
  • Easy creation and tracking of recurrent processes

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