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ActionWorks® Business Process Manager: Process Engine

Process Engine ActionWorks Process Engine executes the business processes defined by the Process Builder. It is based on the robust process engine that has been the foundation of Action's products for the last 20 years. Business processes running on the ActionWorks 5 Process Engine can span multiple applications, departments, and companies.

Processes are stored in a database, and the process moves forward in accordance with the business rules. The Process Engine actively oversees processes, reminding an individual or group participant of their responsibilities— through the ActionWorks Dashboard, Workbox, Calendar, or by email—escalating unresolved issues, ensuring process integrity, and collecting data necessary to resolving exceptions as they occur. It also provides a complete history and audit trail of user interactions, which can be used to develop metrics for continuously improving processes and retaining best practices.


The multi-threaded Business Process Engine has three architectural components, each of which take advantage of multiprocessing and multithreading support from the underlying operating system. In addition, each of the three components can utilize fail-over clustering.
  • The ActionWorks Application Servers run with Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • The ActionWorks Process Manager is the engine that processes workflow transactions by updating instance records, using the process maps embodied in definitional records
  • The ActionWorks Microsoft SQL Server database contains the definition records, role mapping, and instance records
The Process Engine interfaces with external systems using web services, WSDL, SOAP, XML, along with COM, ODBC, and published schema and APIs.


The Business Process Engine is enterprise-proven:
  • Scalable: over 1,000,000 external users and over 50,000 internal users in production environments
  • Capable: over 250 business processes with 400,000 transactions/day in a production environment
  • Distributable and extensible: over 100 process Manager, database, and web application CPUs in over 20 servers in a production configuration
Process Engine Architecture

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